3x2 minutes

Steven Laverty DRAW Connor Wanless

Michael Kennedy LKO3 Steven Huskisson

Lewis Batchelor DRAW Ryan Bloxam

Krzysztof Macewicz WRSC3 Macauley Gascoine

Michael Bradley WPTS David Cassidy

Sam Edgar WPTS Zoe Davies

Billy Beard LPTS Leeroy Whitworth

Micky Brown WRSC3 John Leonard

Anthony Duggan WKO2 Anthony Vaughan

Richard Willoughby LPTS Anth Leather

Micky Mollett WPTS Anthony Douglas

4x2 minutes

D-Day Ladies Light Welterweight Title

Natalia Cowx WRET3 Ashleigh Sharpe

D-Day Ladies Featherweight Title

Barbera Tennet WPTS Kirsty Fawcus

D-Day Vacant Novice Super Middleweight Title

Cameron Tose WPTS Ant Craney

D-Day Vacant Novice Light Middleweight Title

John Brown WPTS David Campbell

D-Day Vacant Middleweight Title

Jamie Cockburn WPTS Dean Bolam

D-Day Vacant Cruiseweight Title

Aaron Elgar WPTS Dan Lennon

D-Day Novice Super Featherweight Title

David Murray WRSC1 Bob Bramwell

D-Day Novice Super Welterweight Title

Matty Perry LPTS Jake Callaghan

D-Day Vacant Novice Light Heavyweight Title

Ben Birch WPTS Jack Scott

D-Day Novice Cruiserweight Title

Billy Carr WRSC1 Tom Edge

D-day Novice Heavyweight Title

Sean Eggington WTKO3 Gav Young

D-Day Vacant Super Middleweight Title

Jon Graham WRSC4 Ben Shields

6x2 minutes

D-Day Vacant Winston ‘C’ Super Middleweight Champion of the North Title

Jack Sampola WPTS Adam Peterson

English Title & Vacant Winston ‘C’ Light Heavyweight Champion of the North

Steven Burr WPTS Matty Scott