041117 Seconds Out
Seconds Out BA Afternoon of Amater Boxing Ferryhill Sports & Education Centre Saturday 4th November

Mason Dagga (Seconds Out0 SKILLS Alfie Simpson (Crook Town)
Tyler Kempsey (Seconds Out) SKILLS Kyle Threadgill (Crook Town)
Spencer Hall (Seconds Out) SKILLS Ryan Boyle (District Youth)
Katie Ryan (Seconds Out) WSPLIT Brook Cooper (Wednesbury)
Neve Lawson (Seconds Out) WPTSUN Lillie Goodwear (Warley)
Jack Gray (Seconds Out) LPTSUN Brad Shuttleworth (Wednesbury)
Jessica Pattinson (Alnwick) WSPLIT Chloe McDermott (City of Hull)
Harry Jones (Seconds Out) LPTSUN Lewis Morton (Crook Town)
Mark Metcalf (Seconds Out) LSPLIT Aaron Young (White Rose)
Aaron Peat (Seconds Out) LSPLIT Anth Ormsby (Wallsend)
Kane Young (Seconds Out) LPTSUN Louis Wright (Sharpestyle)
Shane Snaith (Seconds Out) LRSC2 Lol Watson (Team Northumbria)
Shaun Mullen (Seconds Out) LDIS3 Jonas Ribekauskas (Team Northumbria)
Thom Marley (Seconds Out) WPTSUN Hasan Ahmed (Team Northumbria)

Dagga red v Simpson Kempsey red v Threadgill Hall red v Boyle Ryan red v Cooper Lawson red v Goodyear Gray red v Shuttleworth Pattinson red v McDermott Jones red v Morton Metalfe red v Young Peet red v Ormsby Young red v Wright Snaith red v Watson Marley red v Ahmed Mullen red v Ribekauskas