Seconds Out BA Afternoon of Amateur Boxing Ferryhill Sports & education Centre Saturday 13th April


Harry Richardson (Seconds Out) SKILLS Jake Balou (Kenton)

Cain Swanson (Seconds Out) SKILLS Finlay Armstrong (Shildon)

Charlie Gill (Seconds Out) SKILLS Joe Spensley (Bishop Auckland)

Tom Wiffen (Seconds Out) WSPLIT Nathanial Liddle (Newbiggin)

Chad Carmedy (Seconds Out) WSPLIT Ryan Byrne (Shildon)

Liam Smurthwaite (Seconds Out) LPTSUN Kian Dixon (Shildon)

Neve Lawson (Seconds Out) LSPLIT Dionne Mannion (Marden)

James Harris (Seconds Out) LPTSUN Ethan Hayden (Shildon)

Barry Gray (Seconds Out) WPTSUN Rhys Hopkins (Hartlepool Catholic)

Aaron Busby (Seconds Out) WSPLIT Josh Leddy (Empire)

Cameron Brownlie (Seconds Out) LRSC3 Kyle Robinson (Chester Moor)

Aj Owulade (North Star) WPTSIUN Carl Nicholson (Cleator Moor)

Harry Jones (Seconds Out) WPTSUN Andrew Turner (Benwell Victoria)

Thom Marley (Seconds Out) WSPLIT Aden Lynn (Houghton & District)

Aarrin Peet (Seconds Out) WPTSUN Matthew Lynne (Bishop Auckland)

Best Junior Boxer Neve Lawson

Best Senior Boxer Aarrin Peet

Richardson red v Balou Swanson red v Armstrong Gill red v Spensley Wiffen red v Liddle Carmedy red v Byrne Smurthwaite red v Dixon Lawson red v Mannion Harris red v Hayden Gray red v Hopkins Busby red v Leddy Brownlie red v Robinson Owulade red v Nicholson Jones red v Turner Marley red v Lynn Peet red v Lynne Best Boxers Lawson & Peet with MC Billy Hardy